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The State of Jefferson is an area that encompasses an area from Northern California  north to Douglas County in Oregon.  It extends from the Pacific coast east to Nevada and Idaho. The name was chosen because we are not an exclusive association. We accept members either as individuals or business partners or Club Partners from all parts of the State of Jefferson. The State of Jefferson is our home and our community.

4 Wheel Drive: This is our chosen form of recreation. There are many reasons that our association members have chosen motorized recreation over other forms. Whatever the reason, we stand as a sub culture within our community that adds livability and diversity to our community and makes the area an outstanding place to live, work, and recreate. Motorized transport is a requirement for terrain as diverse and varied as ours can be. The need for functional vehicles and people that know how to use them safely and effectively is and will be forever a requirement just to live in our community.

Association: We are more than a club. We are an association of individuals, business partners and club partners that work for the wellbeing of our communities, our form of recreation and our members. Many of us are active in volunteer efforts outside of our professions and outside of our choices in recreation. We support one another through business, professional and personal relationships that are the hallmark of a vibrant community.

Recreation will be a powerful economic engine for our community. The State of Jefferson is as beautiful an area as anyplace in the world. We have one of the 7 wonders of the world right here in the form of Crater Lake. We have a dozen or so world class rivers, and some of the most amazing wild life in the known world. All this taken into account and the State of Jefferson becomes one of the top recreation locations in the world, yet, sadly, motorized recreation is miserably under available in our area.

The National Forests and BLM in our area have openly admitted that there aren’t enough established opportunities for motorized recreation and thus people are abusing the available land in search of recreation opportunities. This abuse has led to resource destruction, and land damage that is completely unacceptable. We will work to build and improve areas that are intended for motorized vehicle operations through cooperation with government agencies and through fund raising efforts aimed at locating, identifying and designating areas that will be sustainable and workable as off road recreation areas.

We are actively committed to following Tread Lightly ethics and are in the process of training 2 of our board members as Tread lightly certified trainers. JS4WDA believes that we can and should do everything in our power to further improve recreation opportunities for all people, not just the off road community. By developing areas for off road recreation, we can eliminate if not all but eradicate resource damage that hampers those who's chosen forms of recreation appears to conflict with ours. We are as committed to other forms of recreation for the good of our community as we are to our form. The bottom line is that we are proud of our community. Thus we openly care for and nurture that community and our land. If you like what you have read, please feel free to contact one of us and ask about becoming a member. We will be glad to have you join us in our recreation, and our commitment to our community.

~The JS4WDA Board


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